Friday, January 8, 2010

More Pets!!

I have more pets at my house(except Taddy and the hermit crabs are gone)! Two more cats and a dog! First I'll introduce the cats. They are both black cats. The bigger and older one is Sam. He is very big but he is always purring!! He is one of the most affectionate cats ever. He also eats a lot!!! The other cat's name is Penelope. She is all black except for a little white spot under her chin. She is one of the skinniest cats ever!!! She eats tons of food but stays skinny. She is also a real troublemaker!!! She wrecks tons of stuff but she's so cute. Last but not least the dog!!!! Her name is Layla and she's annoying,cute,and crabby(sometimes). She takes on a lot of "jobs". Her most important job is the cop!!! She chases the cats and barks at them when they play with their toys. She even barks at them when they walk out of a room!!! She's extremely crazy!!!!!!!! She barks at anyone with hats or hoods too. She also barks when she hears knocking or banging! She's very goofy as you can see! Keep checking my blog for more posts,pictures,videos,and more. Talk to you next time!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Mom Has Two New Jobs!!

Hey everybody!!! I have more news for you guys.My mom just got two new jobs!! She got fired from her job as a fashion company sadly. One of her two new jobs is a waitress at a restaurant! She works somewhere named Puppetry,but it's pronounced pupeshree. I think the pronunciation is funny! Her boss is extremely nice there! Her name is B.B.,and she loves kids. She is the best boss my mom has ever had! Onto my mom's second job. Her other job is a hair stylist! The only bad thing about it is she is always telling me to fix my hair when I can't!!! It gets annoying sometimes. If you want to leave a comment for someone in my family just comment on the newest post with their name. Example:Victoria I hope you stick to your New Year's resolution!! Okay that's all for now. Talk to you guys next time!!

Victoria's New Year's Resolution?!

Hey guys! I have strange and interesting news for you guys. Victoria said she has a New Year's resolution!!! Victoria said she wants to be nicer to people. I'm actually pretty excited. Hopefully she sticks with her New Year's resolution! Emily coming will be a tough time for her because they never really liked each other. Victoria was always meaner to her than anyone. I wonder if her New Year's resolution will change that. Well that's all the news I'll tell you write now. I'll save the rest for the weekend. Talk to you next time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Crazy Ride!!!

Hey guys. I'm exhausted! I just took a ride in Maxx's remote control truck! It was the best car ride in my entire life. I went around my house 3 times!! I went over a lot of bumps and almost crashed into a wall! My mom said I wasn't allowed to ride in the truck but my dad said I did. When I started riding I remembered something. I had forgotten my leather jacket! I can't ride in a truck without looking cool!!! So I got my leather jacket on and started riding. I heard screaming in back of me so I looked back. I saw my mom screaming at me and telling me to stop! I thought it was a little funny because she lost one of her shoes! I tried to stop the truck but I couldn't. Finally I told Maxx to stop the truck and he did. My mom said I couldn't watch t.v. for a week,but my dad said I could. My mom didn't bother arguing with me or my dad,so I went to write this post. And that's all for now. Talk to you next time!

Big News!!!!!

I have really big news for you guys! My personal chef named Burt is coming soon! No one knows when he's coming,not even him. I can't wait for him to come. He makes me an egg omelet every morning!! Everything he cooks is awesome! I also have more good news. Another one of my sisters is coming!!!! Her name is Emily. She is extremely nice. Way nicer than Victoria!! I'm younger than her and everyone in my family! But it's still exciting that she's coming. I'm not positive about when she's coming but it should be soon. It's going to be so exciting having both of them around(chef Burt and Emily)! Talk to you next time!

Betty Has a New Blog!

Hi again! I have very big news!! Betty has a new blog! It's called bettyscrazydays. She'll write about her adventures and even adventures with me!!!!! I wonder who's blog will turn out to be better. I also have another thing to tell you! I'm going to start making videos of my family and me! Betty will probably do that too. If you read my next post there will be something very interesting and cool!!! Talk to you next time!

Sorry and Happy New Year

Hey guys!!!! I haven't talked to you in so long!!!!!!! I've just been really busy with my family. I haven't had many adventures lately because it's been so cold out. It's the New Year now and I'm ready for new adventures. By the way about a month until my birthday!!! I'll probably have another party! again I'm really sorry about not posting. I'll talk to you next time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey guys!I know I promised the Christmas special a day or two before Christmas but I was soooo busy.I am going to try and post it today if not definitely tomorrow!!!!!!Well that's all for now.Byebye!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Sorry

Hey guys.I meant to put my Christmas Special on my blog yesterday but I was busy.Well..... Maxx was.He went out at 4:00 and got back at 11:00!!!!!!!!!Him,his mom,and his sister went out to do some last minute gift shopping.I almost went but when I heard how long they were gonna be out for I said NO WAY!when they got home I was asleep in Maxx's bed.And so was Victoria.I will be doing the Christmas Special later today.And guess what!!??Our personal chef is coming soon!I'll probably say this again but if you looked at my Christmas Special PLEASE POST A COMMENT.Because I wanna know how many people viewed it.Remember to watch it.And merry Christmas Eve.And since I'm not gonna be able to go on the computer on Christmas,MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Byebye.

Friday, December 19, 2008


There's only 6 days until Christmas!I am wishing for earmuffs,new clothes,and maybe a small soccer ball or basketball.My family would probably want just clothes but I want at least 1 toy.And there's one more "thing" my whole family wants for Christmas.That "thing" is.........drum roll please!dun dun dun dun dun dun.Another one of are family members is the other"thing" we want for Christmas.I set up a poll to see who you want to come home.The choices are Brandon,Franchesca,and our very own personal chef!So far you guys voted for only chef!Whoever wins the poll will hopefully come by Christmas.So remember to vote for whoever you think should join us next.Byebye